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1. When will my certificate arrive?
Answer: As soon as you pass you will be able to download an instant PDF provider eCard. The following day we will ship your hard copy certificate if requested. Hard copy certificates typically arrive in 3–4 days.

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Answer: Yes, you can order up to three courses at once. Plus, you will automatically save 10% when you order any two courses and 15% when you order three courses!

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Answer: At EMT Advantage you will not be required to conduct an in-person test or demonstration of any kind. Our certification courses are 100% online which means you can do everything from your home or work computer.

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Need a your AZ ACLS rushed to you? We have an expedited delivery option for Arizona ACLS as well as PALS and BLS. Simply select the expedited delivery option during checkout and our fulfillment center will ship your hard copy certificate with a priority as soon as you pass the AZ ACLS course. The certificate is shipped only if it is requested.


Worried about the privacy of your test results? Other online certification companies may not take privacy as seriously as we do. If you take the AZ PALS your results will not be shared with anyone but you. We also won’t display the results of your Arizona PALS exam on your certification or recertification information (including your employer).

2-Year certification

Take an AZ BLS with EMT Advantage and receive a two-year certification. Your Arizona BLS certificate will also be accepted in every other state during this two-year period. Should you lose your certificate, simply contact our customer service for a free replacement certificate!

Arizona health overview

Arizona, was ranked 31st in overall health in 2019.

It ranks 41st in the number of cardiac related deaths and 47th in the number of cancer related deaths (Stats of the state of Arizona, 2018).

Arizona highlights

  • The number of adult diabetics has doubled over the last decade, with the present figure touching 543,000.

  • 1.2 million of the state’s population is obese.

  • Smoking among adults has decreased from20.2% to 13.5% during the last five years.

  • Almost 27.3% of the children below the age of 18 live below the poverty line.

  • Deaths caused by cardio-vascular diseases have fallen by 25% and is almost 219/1000 people at present.ing per person has increased over the last year and was estimated at $116 in 2011.

Arizona health strengths

  • Low rate of cancer related deaths

  • Low rate of cardiovascular deaths

  • Low rate of smoking

  • Low rate of preventable hospitalizations

Arizona health challenges

  • Rampant poverty among children

  • A large uninsured population

  • Low high school graduation rate

Arizona Community Health Program is a state wide program, which aims at improving the overall health of women, infants and children, does so by improving their nutrition, reducing obesity among women and children, reducing preventable infant mortality and reducing the rate of injuries (whether intentional or unintentional). This program is specifically meant for children below the age of 18 and women of childbearing age.

In 2008, 1409 child safety belts were distributed and installed, 565 infant car seats were checked and 12 child car safety events were organized. Besides that, 1463 women participated in a women’s health program where they were told the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle.

The federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) launched program LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet needs in Children’s Health) in 2008 to promote wellness among children below 8 years of age by dealing with their problems on a social, emotional, physical and behavioural level.

The Apache County and Navajo County Public Health Service offers a wide range of services to the members of their respective communities by providing them services like home visit nursing, family planning, school lunch programs, immunizations, etc. They also provide health education and prepare the people for health emergencies besides inspecting food service and restaurants regularly and overseeing the disposal of water and waste.

The program aims at improving the overall health of the residents of the state of Arizona by taking the following steps:

  • By examining and solving problems related to health and environment

  • By forging partnerships within the community to assist in the same

  • Inspecting public facilities to see if the rules and regulations are being complied with

  • Gearing up the department to respond to public health emergencies

  • Enforcing rules for protecting the health of various communities

Local news

Aug 14, 2018 -- Arizona teen's faith in God saved him

This 13-year-old stated faith in God saved him from sure death. Josiah Wiedman and his friends were enjoying a walk in the park when lightning struck. He said he saw a bright light then everything became dark. The next thing Josiah knew, someone was performing CPR on him. He was revived and later brought to the Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Read more: https://www.apnews.com/68b1f97a7ad84cc88c414374a82020c7

Jul 19, 2018 -- Mother accused of child abuse failed to revive son

Donielle King, a mother of five was charged with child abuse when she deliberately left her son alone at home when she reported to work that Tuesday morning. When she came home from work she found her one-year-old baby in the children's room no longer responding. The mother administered CPR hoping to revive the baby before responders arrived on the scene. The baby was later declared dead in the hospital where he was brought by responders.

Read more: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix-breaking/2018/07/19/phoenix-mother-arrested-after-1-year-old-son-found-dead/802058002/

May 01, 2016 -- Boy saves life of baseball coach

13-year-old Nathan Boyer saved his coaches life. His coach, Isaac Wenrich, suffered a heart attack. Wenrich said that Nate knew to roll him over, take his phone and call 911, then administer CPR. Wenrich's girlfriend stated that Nate performed CPR for four minutes until paramedics arrived.

Read more: https://abcnews.go.com/US/13-year-boy-saves-baseball-coachs-life-administering/story?id=38161374

Aug 24, 2012 -- Umpire’s CPR efforts praised

Baseball umpire, Jim Joyce, thought it was just an ordinary day when he saw Jane Powers fall in the locker room. The ballpark server was just lounging around the room after routine laps, but her friends knew something was wrong. Joyce rushed to her side and applied CPR compressions to revive the girl. Thanks to his CPR training and quick thinking, the field worker made a full recovery after being transported to the local hospital for medical care. Joyce was honored a hero in addition to his famous blown call on the baseball field. Powers was also changed by this experience and started giving out CPR lessons through parties.

Read more: https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/jim-joyce-umpire-cost-pitcher-perfect-game-blown-call-saves-woman-life-cpr-article-1.1141911