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1. When will my certificate arrive?
Answer: As soon as you pass you will be able to download an instant PDF provider eCard. The following day we will ship your hard copy certificate if requested. Hard copy certificates typically arrive in 3–4 days.

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Answer: Yes, you can order up to three courses at once. Plus, you will automatically save 10% when you order any two courses and 15% when you order three courses!

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Answer: At EMT Advantage you will not be required to conduct an in-person test or demonstration of any kind. Our certification courses are 100% online which means you can do everything from your home or work computer.

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Iowa services snapshot

Customer service

One of our leading priorities at EMT Advantage is giving remarkable customer service. You will have complete access to our training material, exam and customer support once you order an IA ACLS or any certification course from us. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any concerns or questions. We will be happy to ship you a new Iowa ACLS certificate if ever you need a replacement.

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Once you complete the Iowa PALS course (or any certification or recertification exam), you will be taken to a website where you can view your own results. Your IA PALS is graded automatically. Definetly, no long wait for the results. You exam results will be available on a secure and private webpage and we will also send your results through the email you provide.

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Tired of remembering usernames, passwords and other login credentials? Fortunately, you won’t be required to at EMT Advantage. Simply purchase an Iowa BLS course and you’ll immediately be taken to our IA BLS training material and exam. We will also send you email with instructions and access links. You just need to simply follow the links in the email to access our training material or exams at any time (and from any computer).

Iowa health overview

Iowa was ranked 15th in overall health in 2017, which is a climb down from the 15th position held by it in 2010.

It was ranked 19th in the number of cardiac related deaths and 18th in the number of cancer related death (Stats of the State of Iowa, 2018).

Iowa highlights

  • The rate of smoking among adults has fallen from 23.2% to 16.1% over the last decade. Now, there are 375,000 adult smokers in Iowa.

  • The number of obese adults in Iowa has increased to 204,000 people.

  • The incidence of diabetes has increased and 7.8% of the adults in Iowa are affected by diabetes, as compared to 6.1% ten years back. The number of adult diabetics is estimated at 174,000.

  • The number of children below 18 living in poverty has fallen from 14.7% to 12.5%.

Iowa health strengths

  • Low rate of children living in poverty

  • A small uninsured population

  • A high rate of high school graduation

Iowa health challenges

  • High rate of binge drinking among adults

  • Frequent outbreak of infectious diseases

  • Limited availability of primary care physicians

The Bureau of Substance Abuse in Iowa, which focuses at treating and preventing drug abuse, works actively in this direction by concentrating on training efforts, identifying and protecting available grants and monitoring compliance with the rules.

The Jail-Based Drug Abuse Treatment Project (J-BT project) works towards the reduction of drug abuse among criminals by giving them cognitive-behavioral treatment. This treatment, which has been proven successful, entails the use of empowerment-based practices, therapeutic strategies, prevention of relapse, group therapy, strategic therapy and family counseling. The long term goals of this program consist of aiding in recovery and rehabilitation of offenders.

The Access to Recovery (ATR) program funded by the Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is an effort that intends to help those influenced by alcohol, tobacco and drugs by providing the clients eligible for grants under this program with vouchers, utilizing which they can buy services covered by the ATR. The focus under this program is to provide faith-based and community-based providers who can help the affected persons on the right path to recovery.

The Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology (CADE) works incessantly for securing the local residents of the state from the break out of infectious diseases through surveillance, examining right into the causes of outbreaks, giving vaccines before international travel, laying down standards for immunization and vaccination, right treatment after being bitten by animals, etc.

The Facility has actually assisted in increasing the workforce that is trained to handle with the outbreak of contagious diseases and epidemics and implemented a thorough system for monitoring that systematically investigates into the causes of outbreaks of such diseases with the aim of avoiding them in future.

Local news

Sep 02, 2018 -- Mayor wants to learn CPR

For the mayor of an Iowa city, she realized that learning CPR is a must. Johnston mayor Paula Dierenfeld realized this when she her husband suffered a heart attack right before her very eyes. Dave Roederer has just picked up his wife, Mayor Dierenfeld from a city council meeting. They were driving home when Roederer suffered a heart attack and fell over the wheel. The mayor called 911, was told over the phone to perfom CPR but she couldn't revive her husband. The medics arrived later and successfully revived the victim back to life.

Read more: https://whotv.com/2018/09/02/metro-mayor-vows-to-learn-cpr-after-husbands-near-fatal-heart-attack-on-way-home-from-city-council-meeting/

Mar 24, 2018 -- Nurse saves the life of a drowning child

“I had never had to "administer" CPR before. I didn’t even think; I just took over.” said Jamie Miller. It all happened at Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel where the licensed nurse was having a vacation with her family. Suddenly, she heard a commotion and inmediatly saw a child with no life signs being taken out of the pool by her brother. Jamie inmediatly jumped to the action and performed CPR on the almost dying kid “She was purple and there was no pulse. It took a little bit to get a heartbeat,” several minutes later the ambulance arrive to provide assistance and to take the kid to the nearest medical center.

Read more: https://www.timesrepublican.com/news/todays-news/2018/03/heroic-effort-local-nurse-saves-child-from-drowning/